Noshings #3

I’ve been a reflective phase the last week and thus, have been struck the most by content that’s somewhat related to reflection and self-examination. 

I found this post about how one should “cross the world four times” very beautifully written. I’ve only crossed the world once and I’m not sure if I did all I could have done. Now that I’ve read this, perhaps I’ll do better when I cross the world for the second time.

Carl Sagan’s paper on The Art of Baloney Detection provides some tools for “skeptical thinking”, which I felt was important seeing as I’ve been reading a bit about the treatment and eating of animals in Animal Liberation

Sidenote: I subscribe to the Fermat’s Library newsletter, which sends a “paper of the week” each week. It’s a great way to read academic writing from a range of different topics. 

After reading Josh Spector’s post on how being specific can help one’s success, I realised that I tend to be a little too vague at times. Spector provides five areas where being specific can be especially helpful. 

Sam Andrew left his hedge fund job after nine years working in finance to travel the world. He shares some of the lessons he’s learned after “a year of discovery”. One thing he’s learned is that one should “enjoy the journey”.

He writes, “If the journey is not fulfilling, don’t fool yourself into thinking the destination will miraculously bring you fulfilment.

I also found this Simon Sinek video on how to measure success quite insightful. He says that the metrics that we use to measure success is incomplete. For example, there are metrics to measure performance, but none to measure trustworthiness. 

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