Some people are difficult to get along with, and that’s okay. Humans have their curves and rough edges. Their different personalities and idiosyncrasies.

I’m learning to accept people for who they are. I may not always like the things they do, but then again, who always likes the things I do? I have my rough edges as well.

It’s possible to respect someone without liking them. To admire some of their traits, even though they have others that completely goes against your values.

To disagree and still be able to hear each other out. To be on completely opposite sides of the fence but still be able to care about each other anyway.

It’s possible, and perhaps even required, to treat someone with human dignity even if you hate them.

It’s possible to forgive someone who’s tried and is still trying to destroy your life.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean we’re rolling over and giving up. It means that we’re strong enough to get over things and move on. To not let someone else’s negative actions affect us.

To realise that a person has to be in so much pain in order to want to cause that kind of pain to someone else. And instead of feeling anger or the need to retaliate, show graciousness instead.

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