Hours turn into days, and days into weeks. Even as she sleeps or tip-tap-types on her laptop, her mind is only halfway present in the world that her body exists in. 

Most of it is alive in Fantasyland

There, she spies on the lives of Men Without Women. She relives the events that led to the Animal Liberation movement. She follows Egwene through her training to become Aes Sedai. 

Sometimes she dives through the curtain of words and lives for days in the world between those book covers, half emerging only to eat or sleep (only when she absolutely has to). 

Walking through the “real world” is like being underwater. Everything feels like too much, and yet, everything feels muted.

She resents the tasks that require her mind to remain solid within her body, never allowed to wander (or wonder). The feel of her skin, pulled tight against her spirit gives her blisters. 

Even as her face puts on a smile and her legs take her from point A to B, she is drifting. She longs to go on The Great Hunt, to try to understand The Soul of an Octopus. 

She wants to escape. She wants to go home.

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