One of my hobbies is testing out website builders and content management systems (CMS). I recently got around to building a proper website on Squarespace and this time around, it seemed a lot easier to use. 

Got this basic website up in about half an hour. Blog posts are from the demo.

Previously, I couldn’t get over the fact that the only way to access the CMS was through the page builder and that put me off working on the pages. 

But after today, I realise that the website building experience is actually a lot simpler compared to WordPress (which is usually my first choice). 

It also has email marketing built into the website, which can be convenient. There’s no need to sign up for separate marketing software. 

On the other hand, I don’t love the fact that, compared to WordPress, there’s limited flexibility in terms of design. It’s also slightly more expensive and there’s no free tier. 

The email marketing plans are also on the pricy side, compared to tools like Mailchimp, Mailerlite (current favourite for marketing) or Substack (current favourite for content). 

In terms of analytics, Squarespace again provides a lot of convenience with their built-in analytics, which is comprehensive enough. Using it means one doesn’t have to set up Google Analytics (Google Search Console still required though). 

After trying it out this time, I’d say I would probably use Squarespace to build a portfolio website or a content website with a fixed focus but likely not as a personal blog. 

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