Noshings #4

“I’m not sure how I fit into the media industry,” I said to a media consultant earlier this year. 

I still haven’t figured out the answer, yet I follow industry news and how-to articles as if I was still working in media. Perhaps in this day and age, we all are. 

I have been fascinated lately, by reports on how young people consume news. I believe that it’s important information for both media companies, as well as companies that do content marketing. 

Back in 2012, when I still officially a journalist, I was often asked if I was working in a dying industry. It’s 2019, journalism isn’t dead yet and I still believe now what I did then: journalism will evolve. Rasmus Nielsen who is the Director of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism wrote a beautiful essay about the fight for the future of journalism

I’ve been experimenting with podcasting for a while now. I get decent sound quality by recording in a quiet room with no moving air (no fans / air-conditioners). This article in provides six tips for getting even better audio quality.

My other obsession currently is newsletters. Anne-LaureLe Cunff shared a case study on how she used ProductHunt to launch her newsletter and got 2,000 news subscribers via the platform.

This article on the Global Investigative Journalism Network about how English is “skewing the global news narrative” was thought-provoking. Does having good English equate to being a good journalist? What sort of news goes international? 

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