In about four days, October will be over, which means NaNoWriMo will begin. The rest of the year will be hectic — including November — but I will attempt to write my 1667 words a day. 

I’ve been saying this every year since 2009 but in the last nine years, have only completed two novels — both of which are too awful for anything else but my Drive folders. 

I have multiple ideas in my head at any one time, and yet, it can sometimes be a struggle to keep them moving ahead. Especially when my various projects are highly different from one another.

In an article about “what to do when your creative process isn’t working”, Josh Spector writes that “starting requires two distinct elements”.

The two elements are: ideas and execution — and he suggests pursuing them “separately, but simultaneously”. 

In another article that explores this concept further, Spector provides a method for getting your brain into idea generation mode — complete 50 “what if” sentences related to your idea. 

Then set aside and equal amount of time to come up with a process that will help you to execute efficiently. This includes time for research, figure out how to get from one idea to the next, finding the best pockets in your schedule to sit down and write. 

“Let’s say you commit time to the parallel paths of ideas and execution on alternating days. Eventually, something amazing will happen — the paths will intersect,” he writes.

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