Noshings #6

I spend most of the day looking at a screen and while I do try to take breaks that involve more movement, I also have short breaks where I just do something fun on my laptop. For a while it was Piano Genie, followed by Learning Music

Lately, it’s been Perfect Circle on volewtf. It works exactly how it sounds — you try to draw a perfect circle using your mouse / touchpad and the game grades how perfect your circle is. (If you try it out, let me know what your high score is! Mine was 91.7%)

I also sometimes like to browse cool website designs and Bruno Simon’s portfolio website was also a nice break from work. Besides showing off what he can do as a developer, it’s also a fun way to check out his profile and work done. 

Twitter is always a nice distraction, especially when people do long tweet threads. This post about what tools one would use to make a simple self-hosted website and blog in 2019 had useful responses. My default is usually WordPress, but there are so many other options these days. 

This thread about simplicity in design was also insightful. I especially liked this part: “…you don’t achieve simplicity by making things simple. You achieve simplicity by making things understood.”

If you know how to do some simple coding and like “building images with images”, check out Tiler. I foresee myself spending a lot of time on this, so am holding off until a later date (hopefully December). 

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