Instead of writing a novel this November, I’ve decided to follow Shaunta Grimes’ advice to make “build a writing business” my “NaNoWriMo goal”. 

Although I do already have a business that focuses on providing written content, most of it involves writing content for other people

What I’d really like to do is write about more things that I’m passionate about. I’d like to write more words that I believe in. 

And of course, possibly make a living from that. 

I’m a little behind on the game plan spelled out in the article, and November is looking to be a pretty hectic month. But if I don’t experiment, I’ll never know what possible. 

“Pre-NaNo Day One” in the game plan requires me to create an editorial plan. It involves having to list out topics that I want to write about, then dividing them into top-level, mid-level and heart-level topics. 

The other four days of prep includes doing research and drawing up an editorial calendar. 

I’m also going to use GaryVee’s advice to “document, don’t create” to prevent the editor in my head from screaming “imperfection!”, to prevent the naysayer in my head from saying “you’re not good enough”. 

When it comes to writing for myself, perhaps it’s time I take my own advice and strive for done, rather than perfect. 

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