Although I’ve tried out a few popular project management tools, I always find myself coming back to Trello. I’ve been using it for about four years now and while I do have issues keeping it organised, it works for me. 

Which is why I was pretty excited to read their post about 50 million registered users. In spite of having that kind of numbers (or perhaps also because of), Trello is still making improvements and developments on their product. 

Lately, I’ve also been exploring using Trello as my online portfolio because 1) it’s somewhat interactive ie. viewers can click into relevant cards and more info pops up and 2) it’s very SEO-friendly. 

I also love that individual boards are customisable — there are different colours and background images to choose from, and you can play around with its structure to suit your fancy. 

Yes, there are limitations… but this applies to almost any other tool or website builder. 

In Trello’s post announcing 50 million users, they also announced several new features, including new integrations and automations, as well as a community template gallery. 

I’m a huge fan of automating one’s life, especially in the area of work. (I’m always looking for ways to work less 😝) 

And I’m always on the lookout for inspiration, which could come from browsing through a community gallery. 

I’m looking forward to see how Trello will develop further in the years to come! 

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