Noshings #7

The goal this month was to get my Medium account up and running (I’m on, but inactive) — I’m behind, but I’ll catch up. But as part of getting inspired, I’ve been reading quite a number of article on writing and/or really getting into the habit. 

I loved this piece by Ali Mese, which encourages writers to “write to express, not to impress”. I love listening to long words that flow beautifully, but when it comes to writing, I believe in simplicity. The point is to get a message from one mind to another. 

This post from Tom Kuegler about how to create quality blog posts was a little kick I needed. It’s easy to get writer’s paralysis when you think too much about the quality of your writing (it’s never good enough!). But if you focus on quantity, you’re able to ship more often. And perhaps, there’ll be something in that mass of quantity that you can polish even further to achieve quality. 

Having data is always a good thing, as long as you use it. Harrison Jansma analysed a million articles on Medium to see which topics got the most claps (one of the measures of engagement). The data provides a good indication of how to measure your performance on Medium. 

Alex Danco has five writing tips to share. Besides focusing on quantity, he also suggests establishing a routine. “Ship something every week,” he writes, adding that an email newsletter is a good way to get started. 

It can be hard to stay organised as a writer with multiple ongoing projects. Praxis has a method for organising digital information. The system is called PARA and can be implemented with the project management tool(s) of your choice!

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