In the past, I have encountered people who thought they were the only persons that mattered — that only their wishes and goals needed to be met. That their problems were always the fault of someone else. 

I’ve learned that these people aren’t the best to be around. I’ve learned to recognise red flags like these, and keep my distance. 

“This temptation to believe that we are everything, that we are immune to the constraints or flaws of other people is the source of so much pain and misery in the world,” goes the Nov 8 issue of the Daily Stoic newsletter

Even as I see this behaviour in other people and learn to be wary of them, I am also wary of this behaviour within myself. 

The newsletter highlights the fact that many Stoics, especially those who were in leadership positions, spent time “working on their egos”. 

This issue reminds us that “ego is the enemy”. 

“Of what we’re trying to accomplish. Of the people we’d like to be. Of relationships. Of kindness. Of the ‘objectivity’ and rational thought that Stoicism prizes.”

As we climb up the ladder of success, or find ourselves in positions of power, we must remember that it could all disappear in a second. 

“We are not everything. We are ordinary. We are mortal. We are not exempt.”

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