Noshings #8

Inspiration is everywhere. That’s what I think anyway. And over the last week, I came across an eclectic list of things that could potentially spark some ideas. 

A mobile game company (I think) turned to imgur for user feedback. What a scary thing to do! But that bravery granted them results and they tweaked their designs accordingly, then shared their edits and thought process. Also seems like a great way to get people to look forward to the game release! 

In this video on “Using Your Identity to Stay Fresh”, Mikael Moore shared some tips for music artists to use when developing concepts for their albums. You’d think being creative was enough, but there’s something very strategic about design. The advice applies to non-music artists as well, I think. 

As the year is almost coming to a close, I’ve been looking at the things I’ve accomplished this year. I’m also thinking about what I want to achieve next year. This article in The Freelance Hustle on “end of year goal assessment and achievement” was a good guide to follow. Can also be applied to non-freelancers!

I have a love for browsing through designs and this compilation of science and tech ads from the 50s and 60s was a joy to look through. One thing that crossed my mind when I was scrolling through was: Hmmm, the editorials of today look a lot like the ads of yesteryear. What does that say about editorials today? 

We use a lot of icons in design and although they’re so ubiquitous, it seems like icons (and emojis) aren’t always inclusive. “If you search the web for images of “boss,” “entrepreneur” or “leader” the majority of results are images of men,” goes an article in The Noun Project. Apparently, this can have real world repercussions. 

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