One of the things I struggle with is keeping my CV up to date. Besides constantly shifting roles and new startups, I also find myself dabbling in quite a few things that are career-relevant, but don’t always fit into the grander scheme of my CV.

So I decided to set up a “live CV”, that’s not as public as having my own homepage, but also easy enough to update and share. 

I used Notion — which is a tool I’ve been wanting to experiment more with — to set it up, and I’ve fallen in love! 

What an amazing tool, with a level of versatility that some website builders don’t even have. There are limitations, of course, but nothing I can’t live without. 

Because Notion combines databases and documents, among other things, I’m also using it as a no-code tool to build my cocktail recipe database. I’ll probably use it for my personal editorial calendar as well. 

With its collaborative features, it’s also amazing to use for team documentation, work flows. I can also imagine myself using it for a production file (for video production) or even podcast scheduling. (I guess these are content calendars, of sorts.)

I’m also looking forward to when Notion has custom domains, which is “on their radar” (although not high priority). 

But as it is currently, I’m already sold! Definitely adding this to my stack! 

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