Noshings #9

Some days, a part of me wishes that I could get a job that just involved heaps of reading and reading (preferably fiction), and writing. So it makes sense I guess, that I read a number of articles about reading and writing. 

Authors Publish’s article on How to Read Like a Published Author has some tips on how to stay abreast of what’s going on in the publishing industry, and how to read fiction as part of one’s research. Much like any other industry, working as an author means knowing what’s trending in the market, as well as understanding why someone is good or not. 

Sometimes when I’m exploring better ways to combine content and commerce, I come across articles like 5 Top Tips to Turn a Blog into a Six-Figure Business. Carol Tice’s “three-prong strategy” is something that many articles recommend using various other names. Finding the right niche, optimising for search, and looking for ways to increase readership are all important if a person wants to make money by blogging. 

When it comes to blogging, the other thing that’s important is having an editorial calendar. Coschedule has a great strategy for coming up with a blogging schedule that one can stick with.

I always look forward to Ryan Holiday’s monthly reading list email, which has book recommendations that range from obscure philosophy books to popular non-fiction. Holiday reads widely and I almost always find myself adding his recommendations to my to-read list.  

One of the things I do that helps me keep productive, while still having time for myself is to maintain a system of “untouchable hours”. These are time blocks that I add to my calendar, during which I am mostly unreachable and I use it to focus on the scheduled activity at hand. 

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