Noshings #10

I’ve always been attracted to minimalism and in the last couple of years, I’ve been working on reducing my possessions.  

In his article about minimalism in the real world, Tim Denning provides a guide on how to maintain a mindset of minimalism, without having to live out of a backpack. Although I probably won’t follow all of the guidelines, I like the idea of establishing what minimalism looks like to me. It’s about deciding what I value most in life. 

Which is why I really love this email auto-responder that Josh Spector shares in For the Interested. Although it’s an auto-response, it’s thoughtfully written and is a reminder that one doesn’t have to be “busy” to be successful.

When it comes to achieving goals, sometimes success isn’t because of external situations. Sometimes you may not just be trying hard enough. I thought the four questions in this article was a good way to examine myself and whether I’m trying hard enough to achieve my goals.

In this essay that was written in 1963, Isaac Bashevis Singer questions the need for literature. Even then, literary fiction had begun to compete for attention with radio, film, press and television. With how accessible all those things have become in 2019, it seems like there’s even less need for literary fiction. People who need it would be those with “strong interest in human character and individuality”, he wrote. Perhaps this applies even moreso today. 

On my to-do list for food projects is making these gel-encased cocktail capsules. My degree finally has some use. I finally get to use more of what I learned in Chemistry classes. 😂

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