Noshings #11

I love building things — especially in the scrappy stages when everything is DIY, imperfect and in spite of all the possibilities of failing, has a probability for success. What an exciting state be in! 

One of the things I find myself doing pretty often is logo creation. I usually start with something super simple that fits in a square and looks generally okay on most platforms. has some other tips on how to design a logo for your radio station. 

This two-hour video tutorial on how to “plan, code and deploy your startup” is a great guide to use if you’re looking to set something up real quick. By the time you’ve finished watching the video and following along, you’ll have a minimum viable product ready. Although the tutorial is for a job aggregator, it could be tweaked to aggregate different things. 

Another way to get a simple app up really quickly is by using no-code tools. Although I often find these tools limited in some ways, they are good enough to get started with very low time or monetary investment. I recently read an article about no-code myths, which may help to dispel developer fears of no-code competition. 

If you think of yourself as an entrepreneur, and if you’re female, the Femstreet newsletter is a valuable resource.

If you’re an entrepreneur, and media is part of your company’s revenue model, A Media Operator has some amazing insights.

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