Today, I attended a masterclass on low ABV cocktails. These cocktails typically have lower alcoholic strength by volume — between 0.5-1.2%. 

In the past, I would have wondered “what’s the point?” but after working at the bar for a while now (and drinking far more in volume that I’ve ever had), I realise that there are times when I just want something with a little kick that I can drink all night. 

And it’s something that other consumers want as well. According to Ray Letoa, House of Angostura’s Global Brand Ambassador, one of 2019’s macro trends included low and no ABV drinks. 

Although consumers want no-alcohol beverages, they don’t want to be drinking just “mocktails”. Modern consumers are looking for non-alcoholic drinks that have the same level of complexity and sophistication as cocktails. 

I’ve been curious about the sober curious movement for some time and exploring the idea of using other active ingredients to create a high, without alcohol. 

But one of the things I’d like to identify is the why. Why do people want zero alcohol or low alcohol drinks? Why don’t they just opt for juice instead? Or herbal tea? Or the 1001 other non-alcoholic drinks in existence? 

Figuring this out will put me in a better position to develop drinks that these consumers would enjoy. 

So if you have two cents to share, feel free to drop me a line.

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