Noshings #12

I’ve been thinking a lot about design and as I dive deeper into it, I keep discovering ways that it connects to other parts of life and work. I find it fascinating that even being conscious about one’s life designs can change behaviour

“I have found more success by living a life that I design rather than accepting the standard one that has been handed to me,” James Clear writes. 

I guess it’s also not surprising then that a brand’s logo design can affect consumer behaviour. Logo design affects consumer perception, which affects how they behave towards the products that the brand puts out. 

As part of nailing down concepts a bit more clearly, I’ve been trying to get over my fear of sketching. Julia Zass’ graphic diary, which featured 365 days of daily drawing, was an inspiration. I like the way she sectioned out areas in her sketchbook for each day, but how all the illustrations from each day still flow into each other. 

I am loving WordPress’ new theme Twenty Twenty. And one of the designers who worked on that theme makes some other really beautiful and functional WordPress themes as well. They are all full-featured, open source and free!

Although I use WordPress (and still think it is the best CMS), I have a love for a few other website builders like Webflow. I always love it when they do their design inspiration blog posts. Besides the gorgeous designs, some of the websites features are actually super interesting and are great ideas not just for design, but also content.

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