This month, I missed about two weeks of daily blogging. But instead of beating myself up right away, I looked back on my month and thought about the things I’d been up to. 

I spoke at two events (both of which got decent local press coverage). I wrote a 30,000-word report on agriculture for an international financial institution. I organised a women’s health event. I travelled to two different states in Malaysia. 

And this was on top of all the client projects that I usually do. 

Time like these, I remind myself that I can sometimes give myself a little room to breathe. That I don’t have to meet all of the “rules” that I set myself. 

But it’s also a reminder that I could use a better system for saying yes to things. This system may involve saying no to more things. 

I have to constantly remind myself that to pursue some of my goals means letting go of some others, putting them on hold perhaps. 

Ming says he thinks I’m a “plate spinner”. That I feel the most calm when I have 1001 things up in the air. 

But to keep those plates spinning, a spinner has to know his limits. 

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