Noshings #13

Noshings is a post with five links, published every Monday. I did it for a while in 2019, then stopped after I made a switch to (more) visual posts in 2020. But here we go again:

To feed my Korean obsession, I watched this video on the history of North and South Korea. It’s slightly over an hour-long and can be played at 2x speed, which I tend to do with most videos I watch (including some TV series).

This fascination with Korea is a bit of a distraction from my research, which I find especially tough because I don’t have any background in a related field — my undergraduate degree was in Science — and I struggle to even know what concepts or theories to use for a particular scenario.

It’s even tougher when ideas like metamodernism don’t have clear definitions. Is it a movement? A period of time in which cultural artefacts exist / are created? Is it a concept? Is it a theory?

I don’t know! But when I came across the word in Tiago Forte’s Top 20 Favourite Reads of 2020, I was fascinated.

I’ve also decided to finish my 36k-word thesis by February, which means I have to write about 1000 words a day. According to The Thesis Whisperer, it’s possible if you have a plan and if the plan is to just open the doc and write as fast as you can. Leave the rewriting for later.

I’m reading Penis Envy and Other Bad Feelings by Mari Ruti, which I started for fun but am continuing to read as part of my research. There’s something about Ruti’s writing that resonates with me.

Take, for example, the phrase “…our character contains a residue of all the losses we have experienced”.

It’s both profound and comforting to me. In an interview with LARB, she talked about how writing helps her cope with “both lack and jouissance“. When I read that, I realised that writing does the same for me too.

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