Noshings #14

My work this year involves a lot of writing — my thesis (highest priority), client work and (possibly) a short story collection. All parts of my work (and hobbies) typically involve quite a bit of research and googling so I stumble upon advice quite often (I also get it by email).

This week, I found an article on how to pitch AI stories to the media. Since at least two of my projects involves writing about AI, I found it informative in terms of thinking about angles for stories / social media posts. It would be useful to those in PR with AI-industry clients too.

Since my first “proper” exposure to marketing was content marketing, it’s still an area that fascinates me although I don’t really do it anymore — I just don’t have the headspace for it this year. It’s an exciting combination of research and strategy. Hubspot shares some great advice on how they use their blog to generate leads.

Greg Buchanan’s advice on writing novels is also useful for people wanting to write a thesis (like me). My daily writing goal now is 3K words, and I’ve been hitting about two-thirds of that. But I’m behind on my reading 😟.

Since I’m looking for quick ways to do things now, nocode tools are a godsend. Bearchip has a whole library of nocode tools that one can just search for by usecase eg. if you’re looking for something for design, just type “design” into the search bar.

I used Notion to build my portfolio and research info website. I set it up using Fruition, which requires some coding and configuration. But there are other tools that make it a lot easier eg. Notelet.

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