This is the fourth month I’ve “gone independent” and what a whirlwind it’s been. It’s crazy how much paperwork everything in life calls for.  It’s insane how much time one has to spend on administration. Even with the assistance of software, I’ve had to block time out for admin and correspondence.  But spending time onContinue reading “Correspondence”


Today, I listened to a Foundr podcast about “doing your best work by working less”. In it, Jason Fried talked about the disruption that comes with being connected 24/7 and the subsequent real-time work chats. It’s something I’ve always hated. Whatsapp has become like email for me, especially when it comes to work. There areContinue reading “Distractions”


Even the best athletes have coaches. For someone who’s serious about their career, wouldn’t it make sense to get a coach too?  I didn’t realise how valuable coaching would be until I tried it.  Although on the surface I seemed to be in a comfortable space last year, it was an illusion. There was somethingContinue reading “Coaching”