Curious Eater-ish

About Curious Eater-ish

I have a bad romance with food. Like a lover that plays the hot and cold game, food is a thing I find simultaneously enchanting and aggravating. Perhaps this makes me “unqualified” to write about food. But then again, I like to think that the best love affairs need changes in temperature in order to make it fascinating. The world of food is a rabbit hole, and I want to explore it. This series is a haphazard documentation of my journey.

Read the introduction post: Why Curious Eater-ish: An Introduction.

An interview with a nutritionist about “superfoods”: Why superfoods aren’t really super

A shallow exploration of the connection between food and emotions: Food as an emotional trigger

First foray into actual writing about food: Aunty Sutina’s lontong

Discovery of botanicals and an attempt at a sketch: What is dill?