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Dawn Brings a New Day

It’ll be Easter tomorrow.   As a child, Good Friday and Easter Sunday were compulsory church days for me. Even now, as a half-pagan semi-atheist (I am multitudes), I sometimes feel a slight desire to attend church services during Easter.  Easter, with its representation of new beginnings and coming back to life, feels even more important … Continue reading “Dawn Brings a New Day”

Passionate Frenzy

Valentine’s Day has never been a big day for me. Not when I was single and believed that I would be forever alone, not when I was in a relationship. Not even after I got married. I’ve always approached it from a cynical stance ie. as a day for KPI-driven capitalists to make a killing … Continue reading “Passionate Frenzy”

Becoming Better Humans

As a whole, the creature was too monstrous to accept. Sometimes it understood that, so it learned to break off little pieces of itself — pieces that were a little easier to welcome — and introduced those to the humans. The humans gave those little fragments their own names and forgot that they were once … Continue reading “Becoming Better Humans”



Time is passing like a bullet train with no stops. In a month — just 30 days — it will be the new year, the beginning of the third decade in this millennium.  2020 has been an especially anxiety-ridden year for me, and possibly, for many others too.  The first movement control order (lockdown) in … Continue reading “Research”


I take “killing my darlings” too far. In fact, I sometimes wonder if I have any “darlings” when it comes to my writing; I often feel as if my words become someone else’s once they materialise on a page.  This is probably one of the reasons why I feel divorced from my work. Not only … Continue reading “Criticism”


I’m not an organised person.  I often find it hard to think in linear time. I could make two appointments at the same time on the same date and think that it’s two different occasions. My files — both physical and digital — are “organised” in a system that only I know how to navigate … Continue reading “Disorganised”

Too much

Writing — for myself — has been one of the hardest things to do in the last six months. Sometimes I find myself sitting in front of the empty screen, wanting, but not being able to channel my thoughts into words. Because they’re too much. How do I even begin to talk about grief when … Continue reading “Too much”


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