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Dawn Brings a New Day

It’ll be Easter tomorrow.   As a child, Good Friday and Easter Sunday were compulsory church days for me. Even now, as a half-pagan semi-atheist (I am multitudes), I sometimes feel a slight desire to attend church services during Easter.  Easter, with its representation of new beginnings and coming back to life, feels even more important … Continue reading “Dawn Brings a New Day”

Passionate Frenzy

Valentine’s Day has never been a big day for me. Not when I was single and believed that I would be forever alone, not when I was in a relationship. Not even after I got married. I’ve always approached it from a cynical stance ie. as a day for KPI-driven capitalists to make a killing … Continue reading “Passionate Frenzy”

Becoming Better Humans

As a whole, the creature was too monstrous to accept. Sometimes it understood that, so it learned to break off little pieces of itself — pieces that were a little easier to welcome — and introduced those to the humans. The humans gave those little fragments their own names and forgot that they were once … Continue reading “Becoming Better Humans”



In an article about thriving in a complex world, Thomas Oppong writes that  we should “embrace things that require serious effort but will help you grow”. “The effort alone can make you better — no matter the outcome. Even if you fail, you win because you are demanding more of yourself.” he wrote. When I … Continue reading “Education”


At an event that I spoke at this year — I was sharing my experience as a freelancer during COVID-19 — someone “porn-bombed” the Google Meet where the event was being held. That person did it at least three times, using different accounts, jumping into the call each time someone kicked him out. He (I … Continue reading “Debauchery”


Yesterday, I experienced an overwhelming bout of anxiety (due to a combination of hormones, working with someone I think is genius and concerns over me not being able to produce tangible deliverables). Being the sort of person who needs to look for solutions, I reached out to a friend who’s currently studying psychoanalysis to ask … Continue reading “Anxious”


Including this post, I would have written 305 posts on this blog in 2019 for a total of about 71,000 words. Although I didn’t achieve a 100% perfection rate for blogging every day, I’d say that I learned quite a bit about myself during the process.  Writing is my way of making sense of the … Continue reading “2019”


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