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Dawn Brings a New Day

It’ll be Easter tomorrow.   As a child, Good Friday and Easter Sunday were compulsory church days for me. Even now, as a half-pagan semi-atheist (I am multitudes), I sometimes feel a slight desire to attend church services during Easter.  Easter, with its representation of new beginnings and coming back to life, feels even more important … Continue reading “Dawn Brings a New Day”

Passionate Frenzy

Valentine’s Day has never been a big day for me. Not when I was single and believed that I would be forever alone, not when I was in a relationship. Not even after I got married. I’ve always approached it from a cynical stance ie. as a day for KPI-driven capitalists to make a killing … Continue reading “Passionate Frenzy”

Becoming Better Humans

As a whole, the creature was too monstrous to accept. Sometimes it understood that, so it learned to break off little pieces of itself — pieces that were a little easier to welcome — and introduced those to the humans. The humans gave those little fragments their own names and forgot that they were once … Continue reading “Becoming Better Humans”



I recently read a short story called Object Permanence by James Yu and like most of his writing — I’m a fan — this speculative piece makes use of technology to explore themes of identity, society and culture. In this piece, humans who are landmark caretakers also manage Twitter accounts for their respective landmarks and … Continue reading “Embodiment”

Noshings #13

Noshings is a post with five links, published every Monday. I did it for a while in 2019, then stopped after I made a switch to (more) visual posts in 2020. But here we go again: To feed my Korean obsession, I watched this video on the history of North and South Korea. It’s slightly … Continue reading “Noshings #13”


I started drafting my thesis in bed, on my mobile phone, typing it into my Apple Notes app with two thumbs as if I was sending a long text message or an email to someone.  The blank page feels less intimidating on a phone screen. And 36,000 words seems easier to achieve when the first … Continue reading “Thesis”


I woke up before six this morning and couldn’t seem to go back to sleep. The heart pounding was back and although my eyes had difficulties opening, my brain refused to settle down.  I got up to work.  Sometimes when I encounter these sorts of mornings, I write. Other times, I pull up my to-do … Continue reading “Flow”


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