I’m currently working on:

Write Stuff: A full-service content studio that provides web development, content strategy and writing. Hire me

Bayu Harvest: An e-commerce platform to sell unique produce from farmers in Sabah to buyers worldwide. Find out more

Lilith Women: A community website for women to ask questions and have conversations. Find out more

Diverse Voices: A non-profit initiative by Projek Dialog to promote diversity in Malaysian media.

Side Projects

Bartending: I’m available for hire. Last year (2019), I created two marine-themed cocktails and served them at a birthday party in exchange for donations to the birthday boy’s charity of choice.

Fiction: I’m working on a collection of short stories set in a cocktail bar and a documentary about Finding the Next Jungle Bird – a drunken (hopefully) adventure through Southeast Asia to find modern classic cocktails with an Asian twist.

On Hiatus

I’ve stopped producing episodes for The Sex Beat, a podcast about sex that I had been working on since Feb 14, 2016. (Might resume soon! In another format, perhaps? Who knows!)

I follow white rabbits.

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