Hi, I’m Jeannette!

I’m a media practitioner from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When I’m not working, I experiment on new business ideas, dabble in side projects and write fiction.

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In the business of media

I started my career as a journalist at The Star newspaper, Malaysia’s largest English daily, at a time when news was beginning to move from print to digital. Which means that I have a healthy nostalgia for hard copies, as well as a deep love for new forms of media.

It’s been over five years since I left journalism and since then, I’ve worked in corporate responsibility, web development and e-commerce. My roles may have been diverse but my job has always been in media.

My work has always involved content — consuming it, creating it, using it. If you want to know how you can use content to drive your business, get in touch.

Featured Posts

Dawn Brings a New Day

It’ll be Easter tomorrow.   As a child, Good Friday and Easter Sunday were compulsory church days for me. Even now, as a half-pagan semi-atheist (I am multitudes), I sometimes feel a slight desire to attend church services during Easter.  Easter, with its representation of new beginnings and coming back to life, feels even more importantContinue reading “Dawn Brings a New Day”

Passionate Frenzy

Valentine’s Day has never been a big day for me. Not when I was single and believed that I would be forever alone, not when I was in a relationship. Not even after I got married. I’ve always approached it from a cynical stance ie. as a day for KPI-driven capitalists to make a killingContinue reading “Passionate Frenzy”

Becoming Better Humans

As a whole, the creature was too monstrous to accept. Sometimes it understood that, so it learned to break off little pieces of itself — pieces that were a little easier to welcome — and introduced those to the humans. The humans gave those little fragments their own names and forgot that they were onceContinue reading “Becoming Better Humans”

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Curious Eaterish

Explorations into the world of food and drink | I’m an eater, not a foodie. 😬
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