Malaysians win 2019 Apec App Challenge, The Star
The beta version of the Bayu Harvest app was launched and won the APEC Digital Prosperity Award 2019. I presented it during the APEC Informal Senior Official’s Meeting in Langkawi. There are a couple of other similar articles in Berita Harian, Bernama and New Straits Times, amongst others.

Meet March’s Boss Lady: Jeannette, Fembot
In 2017, I had the opportunity to talk to Salina from My Honey and Co about Vape Club and the plans to grow it! Happy to report that we met our stretch target as well!

Cracking the code: Rails Girls KL on why coding is the way to go, New Straits Times
Learning to code isn’t just for people who want to be programmers. Being able to understand code and how it works is a skill that’s vital to have in today’s world, in which technology spans across industries.

The Girl Code,
Coding and tech has largely been a “boys’ club” but there are more girls getting involved in the scene. Here, I talk to about the work that Rails Girls is doing in Malaysia.

8 M’sian Female Coders Get Real About Gender Discrimination In The Industry, Vulcan Post
Is there gender discrimination in the tech industry? Yes and no. While I’m doing some work to increase involvement of girls in tech, I also have a desire to improve access for other segments of society that have no relation to gender.

A M’sian Ex-Journalist Started A Podcast Called The Sex Beat—It’s Just What You’d Expect, Vulcan Post
My first foray into the world of podcasting got a press feature! Seems like this is something I should pursue further.

Malaysian Authorities Have Been Raiding Vape Shops, Vice, Motherboard
We talk to Vice: Motherboard about the vape situation in Malaysia. At the time, there was a lot of drama surrounding the issue of vaping in Malaysia due to announcements from the Health Ministry and Fatwa Council.

We Ask 11 M’sian Entrepreneurs For Love Advice, This Is What They Had To Say, Vulcan Post
It’s hard to maintain a relationship when you’re in the thick of the hustle. But there are little things that you can do to make your partner happy.

We Ask: 10 Entrepreneurs In Malaysia Share Their Secret Guilty Pleasure, Vulcan Post
At the time I was asked, my guilty pleasure was reading trashy romance novels, binge watching sitcoms and playing The Sims 3. It’s probably still the same.

20 More Remarkable Malaysian Entrepreneurs Who Are Below The Age Of 29, Vulcan Post
Whaaaat!! Was so surprised and honored to be on this list.

A “Roller Coaster Ride” Made This Startup Hack Their System To Fulfill Overseas Demand, Vulcan Post
There’s a huge demand for Malaysian vape juices from all over the world. Hence, we had to resort to “hacking” at the start!

This M’sian Startup Brings Juice Variety To Vapers With Its Bespoke Subscription Service, Vulcan Post
VapeClubMY launches and signs on paying customers on its first day.

Lost In Putrajaya, The Star
My short story, Listen to Your Grandmother, is called “heart-wrenching”.