Hi, I’m Jeannette!

I have never been great at “settling down” or “staying put” but when it comes to following my curiousity, I’m always game.

It’s the reason why I have done stuff like: 1) quit my job to join a full stack coding bootcamp, 2) started an ecommerce business then sold it, and 3) worked for less than minimum wage at a bar.

This website is a reflection of my pursuits, a journal on “following white rabbits”. Thus, it is a medley of things: from essays about secular practices with religious origins to digital illustrations of my dog.

Some of my favourite “journal entries” include:
Implicit. On Chinese New Year celebrations and the annoying questions older relatives might ask.
Joy. On emerging from a depressive episode.
Nasi lemak. An illustration of a Malaysian rice dish that is the equivalent of an all-day breakfast.

I am currently pursuing a Master of Research degree at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, where I am writing my thesis on sex media in Malaysia. I have been casually documenting some of my findings and sharing them in The Sex Beat, my newsletter on sex.

As a way of funding my “white rabbit pursuits”, I write social media posts, articles and website copy for clients. I also ghostwrite thought pieces and edit reports. If you would like to hire me, please get in touch.

Last updated: 6th May 2021