The Sex Beat

A podcast about sex, gender and sexuality I developed in 2016 to experiment with the podcasting medium. It went on hiatus after one season (eight episodes) due to time limitations. I recently relaunched it as a newsletter (that will likely have an audio component).

If you have questions, story ideas or would like to collaborate, please drop me a line.

Listen to Season 1

Pilot: Is Valentine’s Day a good time to say, “Babe, let’s do anal?”
Ep. 1: Why give the milk away for free when you can sell it?
Ep. 2: Why so serious? Are there benefits to keepin’ it casual?
Ep. 3: Love with restraint… literally, yes, tie me up.
Ep. 4: Ditch labels and culture norms to have more interesting sex.
Ep. 5: It’s time to retire the term “lost virginity”…
Ep. 6: Even more toys for lost boys (and girls)…
Ep. 7: Just say no.